As a network of people with a strong interest in respiratory, eu.reca wants to initiate debate, fuel discussions and stimulate innovation. To that end we have determined several workstreams, each of which is run by an industry expert, our Ambassadors. Within these workstreams we organize webinars, workshops and symposia. This is where the action happens.


Interested in the many challenges with regard to optimizing formulations for inhalation? This workstream is all about dry powders, dry powder inhalers and optimum deposition.
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Air Quality

Interested in the impact of air pollution on the lungs? This workstream tackles issues such as indoor air quality, measurement of air pollution, ventilation & purification and ultrafine particles. Find out more.

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Product Development

A good product is one thing, a successful product is another. Within this workstream we focus on all aspects related to product development from clinical trial design to ‘smart’ devices and even determining new and more effective biomarkers.

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Respiratory conditions are abundant, on the rise and have a major impact on the quality of life of patients. Within this workstream we focus on existing therapies and how to improve their effect. We look at a respiratory condition from the perspective of integrated care bringing together all stakeholders in an effort to better the condition of patients.