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The health impact of pollution and fine particles is uncontested, though the finer mechanics of the process still have to be unravelled by the medical and scientific community. Also, the focus is mostly upon external air and overall pollution, whilst the quality of indoor air is often overlooked.

People spend most of their time in offices, schools and houses. Therefore technology institutes and companies are working actively on new technologies to keep the indoor air clean. The consequences of those efforts with regard to the respiratory system need to be better scientifically documented. The eu.reca network aims to facilitate just that.

Out of a strong personal commitment, eu.reca co-founder Jade Verrept, is  coordinating this workstream. If you want to get involved, get in touch!


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Elgas evaluates air quality on ships

The Antwerp Maritime Acadamy (AMA), in collaboration VITO and KDG University College, wants to evaluate air quality on board of ships in order to be able to assess potential health risks.

To this purpose the team will develop an adequate, user-friendly measuring device that monitors several parameters continuously, will implement this device on several vessels and will formulate practical recommendations to improve air quality.

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Covid-19 : airborne transmission and how to minimize risks indoors.

On June 19th we hosted a webinar to give insight into the scientific evidence with regard to airborne transmission and to discuss mitigation strategies for clean air and their effectiveness.

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Articles that inspired us : 

The case for optimal indoor ventilation is convincingly made by prof. dr. Lidia Morawska (Queensland University of Technology) in this article. Read here

Also by prof. dr. Morawska is this comprehensive overview of evidence with regard to airborne transmission of Covid-19. Read here

Answering relevant and practical questions with regard to hygenic ventilation, is Seppe Thys (Hamster Cleaning). Watch here

Genano air purifiers are an efficient way to reduce the health risks of airborne impurities – down to nanometer size.- such as microbes, ultrafine particles and volatile organic compounds. Our solutions can address even the most challenging air purification needs, ranging from battling against spread of infectious diseases in healthcare facilities to securing safe study environment to children in schools with severely compromised indoor air quality.

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