Become an organiser


With us, you won’t find traditional symposia on global trends and evolutions. Instead, eu.reca wants to open up the discussion through two-day programmes with interactive, dynamic workshops. Our standard format works as follows:

  • Maximum 45 participants.
  • 1 key note speaker who will provide background on the topic and clearly formulate the major issues/challenges.
  • 3 plenary sessions, each followed by 3 workshops with a maximum of 15 participants led by a professional moderator in which the issues/challenges can be discussed.
  • Structured proceedings that are distributed, in coordination with the speaker, within eu.reca.


  • Determine your topic and contact our advisory board. If you are looking for co-organisers (maximum 4), we can consult our network and help draw up the programme.
  • Once approved, eu.reca will get busy with the practical organisation of the two-day programme.
  • We will ensure maximum visibility for the organiser(s) in all facets of the communication (website, invitation, participant packets, proceedings).
  • In consultation with the organiser, we will draw up the guest list. You can determine for yourself who you would like to see involved and suggest up to 30 participants from your own network. All participants will automatically become members of the eu.reca network.
  • Proceedings will be written up, and as appropriate, divided into one set for internal use and one for publication. Proceedings are distributed within the eu.reca network; build your reputation as an innovator!


  • Organiser(s) € 15.000
    (including discount of 7,500 euros on participants’ tickets and memberships)

Academia / Patient related

Through eu.reca, we would also like to give a platform to speakers to address topics that are not primarily focused on products and therapies. The world around us has a tremendous impact on the human lung. This impact is being studied in diverse areas of research, thus generating insights which, in turn, can be relevant for the industry. Furthermore, lung damage has a major impact on the quality of life for patients. Their side of the story is also of crucial importance and offers an important touchstone for researchers and entrepreneurs in setting priorities and developing new treatments.

Would you like to broach a relevant topic? Contact our advisory board. After approval, we will help with developing the programme, the practical organisation and finding sponsors.