Better Medication. Better Formulations

Interested in the many challenges with regard to optimizing formulations for inhalation? This workstream is all about dry powers, inhalers and optimum deposition. Our Formulations expert, Stefano Console, has extensive experience in this field. He is constantly looking for innovative ideas and inspiring collaborations. Interested. Reach out and get in touch.


Who is Stefano Console?

Stefano Console has more than 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and fine chemical business.

The broad experience gathered with different CDMOs (Contract Development & Manufacturing Organizations) in Italy and Switzerland covered strategic roles managing a large number of successful projects for big as well as small Pharma partners across EU, USA and Japan.

Currently Stefano is Senior Advisor at Oriento SA, a Swiss based advisory firm.

Roundtable discussions

Innovative formulation : the troubled relationship between formulation and device. This roundtable discussion invited experts to provide insights into :

  • inhalation devices : is there preferred one? Do we need new devices?
  • the definition of an excipient acceptable for inhalation.
  • new technologies to be considered

Find the proceedings here.


Workshop: Innovative Formulations for Inhaled Drugs

During this workshop, the topics covered focused on the viability of DPI’s, the formulation approaches, and the technologies required to manufacture them. DPI’s are one of the first choices for many reasons (e.g. easy to use and carry, large dose delivered, long-term stability).

Interested in the proceedings of the workshop?

Download here

Micro-Sphere S.A. is a contract development and manufacturing organisation (CDMO) with specialist expertise in the spray drying and capsule filling for the Respiratory field.

XEDEV is a Service Provider in Particle Engineering and Process Development, operating under “fee for service” principle. They make the difference by combining expertise in Process, Formulation, Analytical with Equipment Engineering.