Dominique Vandenberghe, new ambassador Product Development

The eu.reca team is expanding. Dominique Vandenberghe has joined us as ambassador for the workstream Product Development. As Industrial Pharmacist/ Qualified Person she has a broad knowledge in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Supply with worldwide experience. After spending over 15 years in global/ corporate quality roles for multinationals as well as setting-up quality control laboratory and quality systems from scratch, Dominique is now running her own company (Tipping Point & Partners). She also holds a black belt in Lean / Six Sigma and tries to reduce the waste in any system, team or process. She is a European qualified GMP/GDP auditor and now works as a Strategic Partner to the Pharmaceutical Industry. We are thrilled that she has joined eu.reca and look forward to an interesting collaboration. Last week we sat down and had a chat about why eu.reca appeals to her and what she hopes to accomplish.

Why did you join eu.reca?

“The eu.reca initiative appeals to me as it brings together several major stakeholders necessary to facilitate innovation in the respiratory sector. Often the academic sector, the medical sector and the pharmaceutical industry operate separately, which is not the way to move forward. After all, those technologies with the potential to dramatically improve our quality of life are often the result of close collaboration. I like the idea of a network that draws everybody out of their comfort zone and challenges them to come up with new ideas and concepts.”

How would you define your experience in respiratory?

“My career in the pharmaceutical industry often brought me in contact with the respiratory field. I was involved with the manufacturing and quality control of respiratory products such as inhalers and nebulisers, not only in Europe but also in India and China. It struck me that the development of making and testing respiratory products is quite complicated compared to for instance the production of tablets. The lung and airways still elicit many questions, which makes this therapeutic field particularly interesting.

What is your ambition within the workstream Product Development?

“At the eu.reca Pulmonary Innovation Forum I was struck by one of the statements of prof. dr. Decramer (KULeuven). He explained that only 3% of clinical trials for respiratory products eventually reach the patient as a viable product. In comparison to other therapeutic areas this result is disappointing. Especially because the challenges facing us are massive ; think of increasing drug resistance, complications with regard to air pollution and an ever growing prevalence of respiratory conditions. I want to contribute to finding solutions and the eu.reca network is the perfect means to do so. Within Product Development I want to further the discussion with regard to the need and use of (additional) biomarkers and also stimulate the introduction of innovative and adaptive designs in clinical trials. My ambition is to bridge the gap between different worlds, to share know how and create new technologies that could result in a more lung friendly world.”