Meet Marc Dechamps, our Product Development Ambassador.


Marc Dechamps is a biologist with extensive experience of more than 35 years in the Pharmaceutical – Biotech industry, with expertise in market development for new products including Infectious diseases, Immunological disorders, Oncology, Respiratory diseases, CNS diseases and Vaccines. Since 2016 Marc has founded XMF Consulting which supports biotechnological companies in the field of ATMP, BioPharma, disruptive technologies .. with strategic advices and management leadership. Marc served as Managing Director of Delphi Genetics, interim CEO of eTheRNA Immunotherapies, Director International Affairs / international representation of BioWin. Marc is currently President of CEBR, the Council of European BioRegions, member of the advisory board of eu.reca and serves as expert for R&I projects, investment dossiers .. while ensuring the role of ambasador of the Product Development workstream of eu.reca

Why did you decide to join eu.reca? And why did you want to work within the Product Development workstream?

I find the eu.reca initiative very interesting and unique in Europe. Although I am in contact with over 40 bioclusters and bioregions in Europe, I have never found an initiative with such a specific focus on diseases affecting the human lung. Also, I did start my career in the pharmaceutical industry in the respiratory field, in astma and COPD, at the time of the short acting Beta2 mimetics and inhaled steroids, moving to the long acting and then the combination. I also worked in the field of PAH and oncology. So my interest in this domain has always been strong.

With regard to my choice for the Product Development workstream specifically, I have always been very passionate about the development of new products. I particularly enjoy shaping the development process from phase 2-3 to market access and commericalisation, so that products that are really addressing the needs of the Healthcare system can reach the market and of course patients, whose outcome of the disease can thus be improved.

What is your ambition as eu.reca ambassador?

In this role I will have the pleasure to organise high level discussion between experts from different sides e.g the medical community, the pharmaceutical and biotech companies, the manufacturers, the CROs, the supply chain & logisticians, the policy makers,… These discussions usually lead to the generation of relevant insights and collaborations between the different stakeholders which is intellectually stimulating and rewarding.

As ambassador I hope to be able to modestly contibute to the development of new preventive and medical treatments for patients affected by lung diseases. There are so many remaining unmet medical needs in this area such as COPD, Asthma, PAH, Interstitial diseases, lung cancers. Therefore bringing real experts together to develop innovative and holistic insights might generate some sparks for future development.

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