Spray Drying in Life Sciences Lectures and Workshop: a big success.

XEDEV is a Belgian based CRO, since 2012, focused on formulation and process development for particle engineering, applied in Pharma, Bio, Chemical, Food, ..… industries. XEDEV is evolved out of ProCepT that engineers and produces R&D process equipment since 25 years, used for drying, coating, agglomeration and melting processes.

Both companies organized, Feb 21-22nd, a unique Workshop about “Spray Drying in Life Sciences” with 52 delegates from 13 different nationalities. The first day experts, daily active in Spray Drying, shared there knowledge to the audience and the second day, participants were challenged by a “hands-on” session in the Xedev labs, supported by the Xedev expert team.
Spray Drying topics touched through the lectures were; particle engineering for inhalation, amorphous solid dispersions, intranasal delivery to the brain, biologicals, functional respiratory imaging. Through the hands-on session, participants did 5 different challenging exercises on particle size & shape, amorphous solid dispersions, atomization nozzle types and process optimization, , using ProCepT 4M8-Trix Spray dryers.
The survey showed that 100% of the participants would recommend this Workshop to colleagues.

See here the agenda, lectures, bio of speakers,…

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