Ventilation and Air purification are key in preventing Covid-19 transmission.

Genano, market leader in NPT (Non-Thermal Plasma) air purification, is adding the Finnish “Saneair by Genano” to its innovative portfolio, providing a solution to the need for optimal and effective ventilation. The new air ventilation system functions 24/7 and manages to be both ecologically sustainable and non-invasive from a construction perspective, as it can be easily assembled onto windows. It secures 60% of the indoor warmth, making it possible to ventilate effectively during cold weather.

“The Fins have a lot of knowhow in the field of ventilation and air purification. Due to their cold weather and the need for optimal insulation, they soon realised the importance of ventilation and air purification both in public buildings and residential property”, explains Marc Van Mael, director of Genano oy Finland.

As we are headed into winter with the Corona virus still rampant, ventilation, social distancing and wearing face masks, remains of immense importance in slowing down the spread of the virus. The easiest and most cost effective way to ventilate any given space is by manually opening the window, thus refreshing the indoor air. However, when temperatures outside drop to freezing levels, opening windows might not be a comfortable solution.

Guillaume Ooms, managing director at Genano BV, a Belgian subsidiary, explains the perks of the Saneair ventilation system: “The ventilation system is in essence a device that is constructed upon existing windows, an easy job that takes about 30 minutes. If there are no windows, the device can also be placed into an opening in the wall. A heat exchanger ensures that 60% of the indoor warmth is recuperated. The device has a flow rate of 140 up to 280 m3/hour and consumes the energy of a light bulb. Furthermore an integrated HEPA filter keeps out the larger polluted air particles.”

“This system can provide a solution for schools, residential care centres and public spaces, because it can be easily implemented at a reasonable cost, effectively ensuring adequate ventilation even in winter.”, Marc Van Mael adds. “However, if it is impossible or unwise to ventilate with outside air, for instance in enclosed spaces or when the outside air is too polluted, we believe air purification is the better alternative. Genano technology can capture and destroy ultrafine particles and pathogens, with a proven effectiveness against Covid-19”.