World Asthma Day: Towards a better Asthma approach in Belgium

The Advisory Board of eu.reca strongly believes that asthma patients in Belgium today do not often receive the necessary follow-up or guidance. Despite the variety of measurements that were taken over the years to improve the existing detection methods, medication and guidelines for asthma, there is still a real need for a national asthma plan to tackle the underlying issues.

To better manage the support of asthma patients in Belgium, eu.reca has started the elaboration of such National Asthma Plan in collaboration with its partners VRGT (Vereniging voor Respiratoire Gezondheidszorg en Tuberculosebestrijding) and BeRS (Belgian Respiratory Society).

Increase of people suffering from asthma
It was an article published in October of 2018 by Prof. dr. Guy Joos, pointing out the continuous increase of people suffering from asthma and the need for national action, that triggered this initiative.

Last year the first phase of this multidisciplinary exercise was kicked-off with a national survey among healthcare providers (pharmacists, General Practitioners, Pulmonologists) to map the current situation. These findings will be complemented by the survey results of the patient survey, launched in April of this year, and will serve as input for a multidisciplinary discussion later this year. The outcomes of this meeting will lead to concrete action points for all stakeholders involved, which are needed in order to shape the Asthma Plan. The aim is to present the full plan by end of 2020 and have it in place in the course of 2021.

Help eu.reca
Do you want to support asthma research in Belgium? Then help us in spreading this survey to as many Belgian asthma patients as possible. The survey will close end of May.

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