Sound Board sessions

Our ‘Sound Board sessions’ are a unique opportunity to obtain an independent and critical opinion in the early stages of the development of your product


During a Sound Board session two renowned medical experts engage in an open discussion on your topic of choice and provide you with tangible, hands-on and valuable feedback. This is a unique opportunity to obtain an independent and critical opinion in the early stages of the development of your product. How does it work?

  • You provide us with a clear description of the topics or challenges on which you would like to receive feedback.
  • We provide you with an overview of suitable experts and appoint a qualified moderator.
  • We sign an NDA with all participants.
  • We prepare the 1,5h-2h virtual session in detail and take care of the practical organization.
  • We evaluate the session with you and see if any follow-ups are necessary.
eu.reca Sound Board Sessions


When enrolling in a Sound Board session, you will benefit from:

  • A tailor-made programme, consisting of one or multiple sessions.
  • Professional organization and moderation.
  • Independent and critical new insights on your product, service or approach.
  • Tangible and hands-on feedback that will help you to reach your next milestones.
  • A higher success rate for your subsidy or project approval.
  • An extension of your network with renowned medical experts.
  • Possibility for follow-up support (e.g. written report, additional connections within the eu.reca network, event hosting, promotional communication …).


We can organize sessions around diverse topics and challenges, related to:

  • product / service validation
  • drug deposition
  • patient engagement
  • clinical trial design
eu.reca Sound Board Sessions


Our experts are all senior professionals with an extensive background in the respiratory field as clinicians or pharmaceutical business advisors.

Check our Advisory Board to get a first idea of the knowhow and experience we can rely on, but note that our actual network goes way beyond.

“I am very happy with the results of the eu.reca Sound Board sessions. We have had a first session on the positioning of Oxypoint and our products in general. The insights we gained during this session have supported us in making our way of working even more efficient. Before the session we had no structural contact with pneumologists. The unvarnished opinion of independent specialists was more than worth the money. I am considering doing a soundboard session several times a year in the future to further validate our progress.”

Philip Hendrickx, Co-founder Oxypoint

Bruce Henderson Pneumowave

“The Sound board session with expert pneumologists recently set-up by eu.reca was definitely worthwhile. Pneumowave had been looking for a while for a partner who could help us with feedback on our respiratory health monitoring device. But the partners we addressed before were much more expensive. We got more from the eu.reca session than expected. The advice given helped to form our strategy. The issues raised will be taken on board to improve our products. We got more than enough information at this point, but I can certainly see a point in the future that we will speak to eu.reca again to decide on the best way forward and give direction.”

Bruce Henderson, CEO Pneumowave

Interested in our Sound Board sessions?

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