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More than 1 in 4 people suffer from chronic illnesses. A staggering 75% of healthcare spending in Europe is linked to managing chronic conditions. Integrated care implies coordination and strong collaboration among healthcare actors, from primary care to rehabilitation, with the patients’ needs placed at the center. The goal is to provide higher quality care, improved health outcomes, and better patient experience within the care journey.

Policymakers and stakeholders are well aware of the importance of integrated care. In 2015, the ministers responsible for public health at regional and federal level in Belgium adopted a common plan to tackle chronic disease, entitled “Integrated Care for a better Health”. A series of pilot projects have been set up in the meantime, and the new government agreement refers explicitly to integrated care.

Through a series of targeted roundtables, the workstream aims to come to a set of recommendations that will be handed over to the medical societies and the world of politics for further discussion, refinement, dissemination and ultimately implementation to the benefit of Belgian patients.

Today, the workstream focuses on 3 specific lung diseases: asthma, COPD and diseases triggered by an underlying type-2 inflammation.


May 2021: call for a national asthma plan in Belgium

A press release was sent to all stakeholders involved in asthma care in Belgium, an idea that was originally launched by Prof.dr. Guy Joos. With support of both VRGT and Belgian Respiratory Society, and in collaboration with Dr. @René Deman and Nelson Group, eu.reca facilitated a large survey collecting qualitative and quantitative data of both health care providers as asthma patients in Belgium. The report of the survey reveals the need for better follow-up and national guidelines in the treatment of asthma patients in Belgium.

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The Type 2 Inflammation workstream aims to bring together healthcare professionals

from across pulmonology, dermatology and ear, nose & throat departments, to jointly reflect upon new and better ways to organize care around patients suffering from asthma, nasal polyps, atopic dermatitis, and other Type 2 Inflammation- mediated diseases. The ultimate ambition is to provide higher quality care, improved health outcomes, and better patient experience within the care journey.

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In the course of 2020 and 2021, 3 round tables were held by the workstream core group of Type 2 Inflammation. You can read the proceedings here (3pdfs).

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The VRGT is an organisation passionate about the human lung and working hard to defeat lung diseases. Our mission? To be the centre of expertise regarding TBC, but also to be a key player in respiratory health with a focus on encouraging and helping people to quit smoking.

The Belgian Respiratory Society (BeRS) is a scientific association of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and scientific researchers with an interest in the field of lung diseases. The primary objectives of the BeRS are to promote respiratory health and to combat respiratory diseases in Belgium.