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Think Tank workshops

Enhance innovation in the respiratory sector is the endgame of eu.reca. Key to achieving this, is to unite researchers, medical experts, patients, pharma and innovative start-ups. So that is what we do. Over the past months we have organized interactive workshops on environmental health, innovative formulations and adaptive clinical trial design. Want to join the debate? Join eu.reca.

On October 17th we organize a workshop on the ‘Multimedical impact of Ultra Fine Particles’. Interested? Contact

Patient centred innovation

Many respiratory diseases are chronic and have a massive impact on the quality of life of the patient. In developing new therapies and products, it is crucial to involve both medical experts and patients in an early stage. However, it is also important to constantly evaluate existing therapies, product and guidelines to improve or even rethink them. We want to help bridge the gaps between patients, medical experts and companies. This way we can help establish a centre for patient literacy with regard to respiratory diseases.

Knowledge transfer

There is a vast amount of research within academic, medical and other research centres relevant to the human lung. Too often new insights with regard to environmental health, advanced therapies or new drug development circulate among experts, only gradually finding the way to a more diverse public. We want to help researchers in reaching out to companies, patients and other stakeholders.

Supporting start-ups

We believe there is an acute need of R&D and innovation in the respiratory sector. Therefore, we want to support respiratory start-ups. Are you a start-up company and do you need expert advice on how to best take the next steps? Do you seek medical expertise to further improve your product? Do you want to reach out to investors? Are you looking for a place to locate your company amongst fellow entrepreneurs. Do reach out and contact us

About EuReCA

As the European Respiratory Cluster Antwerp, our ambition is to develop a knowledge platform that focuses on the lung as a crucial part of the body, the healthy functioning of this vital organ and combating lung disease. There are many developments in the respiratory sector; the prevalence of lung disorders is increasing, but there is also a tremendous drive to get new treatments on the market.

As a catalyst for innovation, we want to bring promising start-ups into contact with leading companies, pharma with product designers, academics with entrepreneurs, and investors with patients. That is why our approach is based on interaction. Our extensive network will ensure a top-quality pool of participants; our workshops and symposia will encourage in-depth dialogue.

We also want to facilitate the development of new technologies and therapies.

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Are you active in the respiratory field? Would you like to become part of our community? Become a member of eu.reca and you will receive:

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Become a partner

As a non-profit organisation, we are always looking for structural sponsors wishing to support developments in the respiratory field. As a sponsor, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Visibility for your company or organisation at all events organised by eu.reca.
  • Visibility for your company or organisation on all communication issued by eu.reca.
  • Discounted or free participation in network events.
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Become an organiser

We want to provide a platform for groundbreaking thinkers and leading innovators. Would you like to put a topic, product or therapy in the spotlight and generate a robust debate on it with other critical voices from the respiratory field? Then submit your proposal to our advisory board. We organise interactive workshops on:

  • Industry initiated workshops on product innovation or new technologies.
  • Academic / scientific workshops on socially relevant topics.
  • Workshops that focus on the patient.
  • Lab Space
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