Round table sessions with leading healthcare experts confirm the potential for a multidisciplinary care pathway for patients with type 2 inflammatory diseases

Over the past two years, a group of leading Belgian healthcare professionals from across pulmonology, dermatology and ear, nose & throat departments, have reflected upon new and better ways to organize care around patients suffering from asthma, nasal polyps, atopic dermatitis, and other Type 2 Inflammation- mediated diseases.

A scientific knowledge platform focused on lung health


Triggered by the connection that often exists between these diseases, academic researchers and physician specialists have launched a workstream under the umbrella of eu.reca, a scientific knowledge platform focused on lung health. The goal of the workstream was to explore multidisciplinary care for patients with a Type 2 Inflammation, with the ultimate ambition to provide higher quality care, improved health outcomes, and better patient experience within the care journey.

The findings of the discussions show that type 2-mediated diseases are a lesser-known but serious, complex and growing public health burden that would benefit from integrated care pathways that foster a smooth referral between primary care and specialty care and facilitate multidisciplinary collaboration within the hospital setting.

eu.reca strongly believes that a collaboration between experts, policy makers and stakeholders is crucial to improve the care process for this large group of patients.

eu.reca will therefore facilitate webinar sessions on this matter later this year to further enable this collaboration. You can download and read the paper on the dedicated landing page on type 2 inflammation on the eureca website. Stay tuned for the webinar sessions, more info on timings and how to register is coming soon!

The eureca workstream on Integrative Care for Patients is supported by Sanofi and VRGT.

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