Belgium In Urgent Need Of A National Asthma Plan

Asthma patients experience their disease as a very disabling condition.

The lack of clear information. 30% of patients are reluctant to take steroids. The excessive use of Ventolin …

These are only a few striking facts revealed by eu.reca through a massive survey among 29 Pulmonologists, 32 Pediatricians, 64 GPs, 63 Pharmacists and 1216 patients.

For this initiative eu.reca could count on the support of the Flemish Association for Respiratory Health Care and Tuberculosis Control (VRGT), the Belgian Respiratory Society (BeRS) and initiator Prof. Guy Joos (Head of the Pulmonary Diseases Department at UZ Gent). The content of the survey has been elaborated under the supervision of Pneumologist Dr René Deman.

On the occasion of World Asthma Day today, we highlight the importance and the extensiveness of the survey outcomes, in our pursuit of an adequate solution to the problems it reveals: a national asthma plan.

Are the survey results available?

The intent of eu.reca, with support of VRGT and BeRS, is definitely to share the results with all parties involved in asthma care and the policy makers in Belgium. Therefore, eu.reca will be organizing webinar sessions over the summer, in order to present the findings and encourage participants to take action. More practical information will follow shortly.

A specific question?

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eu.reca shares the Asthma survey outcomes, in our pursuit of an adequate solution to the problems it reveals: a national asthma plan.

Call for a national asthma plan


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