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On the occasion of the upcoming World Asthma Day of May 3rd 2022, eureca highlights once again the importance and the extensiveness of the survey conducted in 2020 among 29 Pulmonologists, 32 Pediatricians, 64 GPs, 63 Pharmacists and 1216 patients.

For this initiative eu.reca could count on the support of the Flemish Association for Respiratory Health Care and Tuberculosis Control (VRGT), the Belgian Respiratory Society (BeRS) and initiator Prof. Guy Joos (Head of the Pulmonary Diseases Department at UZ Gent).

The content of the survey has been elaborated under the supervision of Pneumologist Dr René Deman.

eu.reca shares the survey results

The intent of eu.reca, with support of VRGT and BeRS, is definitely to share the results with all parties involved in asthma care and the policy makers in Belgium. To further encourage all stakeholders involved to take the necessary action eu.reca is now willing to share the Executive Summary of the survey outcomes with its network.

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We are happy to elaborate on the survey outcomes. Contact us for more information at

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On the occasion of World Asthma Day today 4 May 2021, we highlight the importance and the extensiveness of the survey outcomes, in our pursuit of an adequate solution to the problems it reveals: a national asthma plan.

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