Lung Modelling Congress 2023

On November 22-23 the Lung Modelling Congress will be held in Parma, Italy and online (live streaming)


eu.reca Gold Sponsor Chiesi invites you to attend the Lung Modelling Congress.

The aim of the congress is to gather international experts in these research fields:

  • Simulation and experimental characterization of air dynamics in the lungs;
  • Modelling therapeutic aerosol generation with DPIs, pMDIs and nebulizers;
  • Simulation and experimental characterization of aerosol deposition in the lungs;
  • Lung imaging and its processing; Digital lung models, lung digitaltwins and their applications in healthcare.

The Chiesi Center for Open Innovation & Competence (COI&C) is an innovative business playground and an open place for the interaction between Chiesi People and the external stakeholders from the research and continuous innovation fields. It is conceived to implement new ways to identify and develop open innovation projects and educational healthcare-related journeys.

The COI&C is structured as an open collaborative platform, able to nurture and finalize initiatives that will involve external partners and actors, in order to exploit and complement internal expertise with an interdisciplinary approach, while also maximizing the impact of activities at local, national and global level. It contributes to Chiesi business strategy by acting as a supporting service also identifying and opening untapped opportunities with a global reach.

The development of validated and reliable models of the human respiratory system could be of great impact in many sectors:

  • safety & environment applications related to the inhalation of toxic or carcinogenic aerosols;

  • healthcare applications e.g. transmission of pathogen agents such as bacteria or viruses;

  • pharmaceutical product development for prediction and optimization of therapeutic aerosols deposition administered though nose and lungs.

For all information on the programme, speakers and registration, visit the event website

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