Pharmadevices designed a prototype of a new dry powder inhaler (DPI).

Pharmadevices designed a prototype of a new dry powder inhaler (DPI), a device that delivers medication to the lungs in the form of a dry powder. The model can combine two or more capsules and is easy to use and to produce. The new DPI avoids human interaction by using the device and must thereby boost therapy compliance and reduce the burden of the disease.

“Where ideas become opportunities’, is the soul of our company” – Alberto Mercandelli

The new DPI is developed to exclude the interaction of the human factors by its use. ‘The new device is easy to use because it doesn’t require coordination, is easy to assembly because it exists of six parts, is easy to produce and to recycle because it’s made by one polymer, is good for the climate as it doesn’t use propeller gasses and it is easy to approve by administration’ explains Alberto Mercandelli, managing director of Pharmadevices.  But that’s not the only asset. ‘However, we are conscious that despite all these advantages a new mechanical concept could not be enough to propose an interesting and exciting new solution to the market. The DPI device can be considered as a platform for drug delivery’ said Alberto Mercandelli, ‘our device can also be customized for two or more DPI combinations,’ he comments.

Actually, the market research is carried out, a 3D printed prototype is made, and the International Patent Application is filed. A proof of concept by the meaning of Functional tests has been performed at the Dpt. Of Food and Drug Sciences of the University of Parma, which gave excellent results. Potential clients for the new DPI are Pharmaceutical companies in the field of lung diseases, but also other areas. The new DPI can also be useful for the delivery of other drugs such as antibodies, proteins, antibiotics. Other potential customers are generic pharmaceutical companies and medical device companies.

For the period 2019-2022, Phamadevices look for 1,5 mil euros to invest in the further development of the device. ‘We are looking for investors who understand the philosophy of the compagnie’, says Alberto Mercandelli. ‘This means that we are on the same side of the table with the investors, we bring the product development and experience and the investor brings money with the aim to be paid back. Very important to know is that we work with a team of scientific experts in lung diseases, experts in DPI and commercial experts, what can be a guarantee for potential investors.’ was introduced to Pharmadevices by Stefano Console, a board member of the company. ‘It’s wonderful to experience the network in because it’s a contaminating world where experts from different domains advise you. It’s a stimulating environment that gives credibility’, conclude Alberto Mercandelli.