Indoor air purification - Now online

VITO and eu.reca vzw organized a webinar that was completely devoted to indoor air purification on June 1st.

eu.reca & VITO were happy to welcome you all to the webinar Indoor Air Purification: What Air Purification Can Offer In The Fight Against Covid-19.

We have summarized the session in these proceedings.

Other publications

On the occasion of World Asthma Day today 4 May 2021, we highlight the importance and the extensiveness of the survey outcomes, in our pursuit of an adequate solution to the problems it reveals: a national asthma plan.

Belgium In Urgent Need Of A National Asthma Plan

You can find the first part on ‘unmet medical needs, the parameters and biomarkers to be monitored and the promise of connected health in the respiratory field’ here.

Connected Health: Discover The First Part Of The Proceedings

Round table sessions with leading healthcare experts confirm the potential for a multidisciplinary care pathway for patients with type 2 inflammatory diseases.

Introduction note type2


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